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Translation in Kyiv

Contacting translation agency “Derzhpereklad” is a 100% guarantee that translation service will be provided by highly qualified specialists within a very short time.

We can work with technical documentation and literary texts, videos and audios of any quality, and with any kind of sources that our clients give to us.

Types of written translation and their features

Translation of technical documentation

There has to be a translator in the staff of an agency, who has specific knowledges in translation of texts of particular fields for providing this type of service. Very few translators can deal with narrow-focused fields. However, in our staff we have specialists, who can easily translate:

  • academic papers;
  • schemes and drafts;
  • technical descriptions of hardware;
  • instructions and recommendations on operation and maintenance;
  • certificates and patents;
  • official agreements and other important documents.

An editor additionally proofreads all the texts.

Legal translation

This kind of translation places inflated demands on the quality of provided services. Even slightest defects are unacceptable, because any mistake may void a document./p>

The list of legal translations that our agency is able to provide:

  • agreements made in Asia, European Union and America;
  • agreements made in Ukraine and former states of CIS;
  • injunctions, court decisions and other regulations;
  • any type of documents having legal force and need to be translated.

We examine the legislation of the country, which the translation is prepared for, thoroughly. Before being completed and sent to the customer, all texts are approved by our lawyers.

Translation of medical documents

Specification of medical terms is a very narrow one, which is why it requires particular knowledges of a translator. Provider of such service has to be experienced in the field, not just to be able to translate such texts. If such requirements are complied, result will be presentable.

We translate:

  • diagnosis, clinical reports and medical certificates;
  • prescriptions written by a doctor;
  • drug labels and service manuals;
  • referrals to clinics of other countries;
  • accompanying documentation;
  • published scientific works and description of tests.

Economical translation

Language of finances is a special domain, which consists of economic terms and formulas. Providing of well-worked service is impossible without having relevant knowledge.

Our agency provides this type of service on a high-quality level. We fulfill translation of:

  • contracts;
  • accompanying papers;
  • finance reports;
  • business-plans;
  • economical proposals, presentations, and more.

Not only lawyers proofread the translations; experts in the field of economics do it as well.

Translation of websites and literary works

Today, many domestic companies enter the international market. For that reason, internet-resource, which is in Ukrainian or Russian, will not get traffic from other countries. Put it simply, such web site will not be shown in the search engine results.

Therefore, the translation of web sites is one of the top requested services of “Derzhpereklad” nowadays.

Alternative to professional translation is computer-based translation. Nevertheless, advanced users will always understand that you weren’t working on your website properly, and will leave it without reading even a half of information.

In order to help your online-publications to avoid such situation, contact professionals. Our staff consists of experts, who know exactly, what the responsibility to a customer is.

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